Mission Township Fire Department

strives to provide to the patrons of Mission Township, the highest possible level of fire suppression, EMS services, fire prevention, water rescue, and rope rescue in a professional manner with the resources available.

Kansas City Memorial Stair Climb 2012

Mission Township Fire Department members recently participated in a 9/11 Memorial stair climb in Kansas City. total of 343 firefighters from all over the United States participated out of the 343 firefighters 9 from Mission Township Fire Department did the climb. Each firefighter was assigned a firefighter that was killed in the world trade center. after climbing 110 stories firefighters said the name of the firefighter they climbed for and rang the bell for that firefighter.

Mission Township Open House

On july 14 2012 Mission Township Fire Department celebrated there 35th year anniversary. Mission Fire Department had some good grilling, many demonstrations. Mission Fire department had a great turnout of individuals from the community.

New Delivery

On july 15th 2011 Mission Township Fire Department recieved a new 2011 medical squad. Squad 40 is the first out unit for medical calls, and car accident scenes. Squad 40 has a Compressed Air Foam System also known as CAFS which is used for fire suppresion.

TEEX (Texas Engineering Extension Service)

Mission Township Fire Department members recently participated in a course to learn uses, and tactics of Compress Air Foam Systems. This class was a 3 day class that was held in july of 2011 in college station TX. Members received training to bring back to train other members of the department.

Country Stampede 2006

Mission Township Fire Department assisted the Blue Township Fire Department at the Country Stampede in Manhatten. Thanks to our recent loan of a Kawasaki Jet Ski from Osage Powersports we were able to patrol the restricted water and were on hand for any water related emergency. See the picture gallery for photos.

ISO Rating 3

Mission Township Fire Department was recently certified as an ISO 3 fire department. This can mean significant tax savings if you live in the township. Please click here for detailed information.

County Wide Ice Rescue Drill

In December 2005 Mission Township Fire Department organized and held a County wide Ice Rescue Drill. This was done to help other departments understand and practice the principles of cold water rescue. Please visit the picture gallery to see some photos from that event.

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